Skriva om idoler på engelska

Efter vi läst ett kapitel i vår engelskabok om Kylie Minouge skrev vi egna texter om våra idoler på engelska. Den här texten har Linn skrivit.

5 seconds of summer

5 seconds of summer, also known as 5SOS, was just ordinary guys who liked to sing and play music. They did covers on youtube. Their music get famous. So famous that One direction invited them to sing on their take me home tour. The band consist of Luke Hemings (Singer and guitar), Michael Clifford (guitar), Calum Hood (bass) and Ashton Irwin (drums). In february 2014 them released she looks so perfect. It topped the lists in the hole world. 2015 they gonna start a world tour. They are in Sweden in the month.of May.

Av Linn❤️


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